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Learn About CBD. 

What is Cannabinol CBD? Learn more about this topic form by clicking some of the reference links we've listed below! Learn what works best from first hand testimonials, research, medical doctors, researchers are saying, books and more.  There is also additional information in the FAQ tab available on our website. 


We must share our friends at the A2 Consulting Firm - https://a2consultingfirm.com/book .

High recommendation on our list of resources. The Karabudsan by Brandon M. Sweeney in his self published book original titled How to be a great Budtender by Budtender B self published book, he walks through his experiences, the need to know or general Cannabis 101, Doctors key note presentations, Endocannabinoid system research, CBD, Strains, types of uses for references, documented medical research. Please use this free E-Book provided for self educating, and Budtender private consultations and higher education workshops. 


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Medical Advisory Ms. Mary Clifton M.D. 

We are thrilled to be able to offer a Doctor's hand to walk through all your questions and as a Medical Advisor on staff for your business or dispensary and provisioning centers the ability to acquire her services. Ms. Clifton has many short three two five minute videos and articles on her website where she covers many important topics such as #pain #ptsd #ro #anxiety #ptsd and many many other very informational material for free on her website. We will be adding some of her most popular videos directly to our website below. 

Dispensary or provisioning center in need of a medical advisory on call? 

Let us connect you with one of the best Medical Doctors in the Country for Cannabis and CBD information. Medical advisor Ms. Mary Clifton. Call Brandon to set up an appointment for you or your company. 

Mary Clifton, M.D.

America's Telemedicine Doctor

CBD and Cannabis Expert

New York City

Science and Research Editor for Cannabis Magazine

Medical Director, Live Well Naturally

Medical Advisory Board, Beekeeper's Naturals

Medical Advisory Board, Legendary Ventures